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Linkedin Sales Navigator account. You will get all the info you need into a. CSV file First name Last name Linkedin URL Job title. Degree connection Lets see the best way to contact these guys. Step 3 Event Guests Outreach .You have 2 options to contact linkedin event guests. Before the event After the event. For this kind of linkedin outreach I would recommend0. Something super simple and really short Template for guest outreach before the event.

Hello Im reaching out Linkedin Sales Navigator account

Because Ive seen youll also attend to Azerbaijan Mobile Number List webinar name next week Do you know competitor name well The goal here is not to sell but to open a conversation about the problem you are solving. Template for guest outreach after the event Hello Im reaching out because Ive seen you attended to competitors event I missed the event and Im looking for feedbacks. Was it valuable Here you are looking on feedbacks on your competitors performance. If your prospect has been disappointed by your competitor thats a golden opportunity for you.

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Competitors Group Members Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List If your competitors have built a linkedin group you can also extract the group members using Phantombuster. If you have a you can also do it with Evaboot. Here is a video tutorial How To Use Linkedin Groups For Business Linkedin Groups Best Practices 2023 Marketing Tutorial Export Sales Navigator leads for free However I dont recommend this technique as most linkedin group are dead or full of spammers. If you want to try this approach anyway here is a template you can use Template for group members outreach Hello Im reaching out because Ive seen youre still a member of this group name of the group Are you still interested in this topic Im.

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