A lead means a potential buying customer, i.e. a person or company who shows interest in your product or service. However, the definition of a lead depends a lot on the point of view from which you look at it.

The lead must be defined jointly within the companies

Within the company, it is therefore good to define a common understanding of what is meant by a high-quality lead. For this, you have to think about what kind of customers you are trying to target, and what kind of activity makes someone a lead. There are also New Zealand Mobile Number List different levels of leads, because not everyone is at the same stage with their purchase decision.

Separate leads and Target with content

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Generating leads means attracting potential customers. When You Know Who You Are Trying to Reach. And You Have Thought About the Definition. Of a Lead for Your Company, You Must Be Able to Identify the Leads You Are Aiming for. For Example. You Can Separate the Wheat From the Chaff With Content Designed for Different Purchase Stages on Your Website. Filling Out  the Contact Form.downloading the Price List and Watching. The Instructional Video All Communicate Leads From Different Purchase Stages.

However, probably all parties who spend time on your website are interested in your company on some level, so it is worth offering different content to leads Phone Number IR in different purchase stages to advance in the purchase process, and to know what kind of sales message fits each stage. With different contents, you can also divide visitors into different buying stages. The process related to handling leads is also called lead management.