No, I’m not playing tricks with the language. Translating the subtitle, what I want to say is that: Not only must we be different, but we must help our audience distinguish ourselves from other brands. We must become a familiar brand for them. What sets us apart is the benefit we present to our audience that other brands do not have. Being different does not depend so much on brands, but rather on our audience being able to distinguish us from others. And how do we achieve it? Through visibility, becoming familiar brands for our audience based on well-segmented impacts .

We must keep in mind that our audience receives hundreds of impacts a day,

That is why we must insist on the impacts so that our brand ends up being familiar as well as different from others because it offers you top industry data what you were looking for. The large campaigns that seem to flood the different communication channels are based on this principle. Being different, or what translated into marketing terms we call brand recall index , is one of the keys to a strategy. What we have seen so far is a more “scientific” explanation of something that we have been talking about in marketing for years (and about which I have insisted on many occasions in this blog)

In addition to being different and distinct, our brands must be RELEVANT

Yes, I know this seems like a play on words, but I assure you that understanding these nuances is what allows us to define marketing strategies that work . As I said, the success of the marketing strategy depends on many other factors such as launching the right message, at the right time in the purchasing process, with the format Phone Number IR that best suits our audience and highlighting the product they really need. What I have defined as relevance marketing . We are different when our value proposition is appropriate for our audience, we are different (we manage to be distinguished) when we make our brand familiar based on well-segmented impacts,