I’m researching a possible new project and I’m running into a series of doubts and uncertainties. I recently asked . Therefore,myself the question if it makes sense to combine a physical store with an online store . When purchasing products there are also several questions and decisions that you have to make.

Beware of buying counterfeit products on Alibaba Is it better to

Beware of buying counterfeit products on Alibaba To order products in China I usually category email list use Alibaba . It is not the simplest platform in the world but once you get used to it, communication. Therefore, with suppliers is more or less fluid. Of course, if you do not have a minimum command of English, you may have problems. Therefore, explaining nuances that you want to be taken into account when placing an order.

Buy white brands in China or in Spain

Buy white brands in China If you compare  Phone Number IR the purchase of branded products from wholesalers in Spain compared to what it costs you to buy the. Therefore, product without branding in China, you can easily get a multiple of 3-10 depending. Therefore, Something that in China costs €0.30 is the same in Spain, on what you are looking for.