What is Facebook,  Like this, countless other things that, as the platform itself modifies its algorithm. Adds different functionalities. The main objective is to be in contact with people who appreciate each other. Without having to call or see each other frequently. This social network is perfect, therefore, to stay in touch with close friends and family. Who due to the current pace of life, find it very difficult to maintain relationships on a personal level . It is a social network for recreational use, although you can also use it for promotional or professional purposes . For either use, it is recommended to take certain precautions when using it. Although especially when it comes to personal profiles. You may also be interested in: Complete guide to Facebook Ads. How to advertise.

Update privacy options

What is Facebook, The platform has a certain degree of security, since invented names or certain types of publications are not allowed . Likewise, it is possible to report or block users who compromise security or integrity. As I have mentioned before, security problems are one. Of the most controversial issues regarding its use. Especially when the users are minors or when it top people data comes to company pages. Some tips to use this network without suffering external mishaps are the following. Update privacy options You must do this to choose with which audience the updates are shared. In profiles, it is recommended to choose the option that only contacts or, at most, contacts of contacts can see what is uploaded. If these are company pages, of course, it is important that the visibility is public.

Moderate wall posts

 Add new friends Through the searches and suggestions that the network makes to each user. You can connect with people from the past with whom you had lost contact. Such as your old university classmates or neighbors from the past. Groups or communities Phone Number IR of people with common interests can be created These groups can be public. Closed, or private. In a public group, everyone can see the posts and their members. In a closed one , only its members can be seen, but not the publications. Meanwhile, a private group will not even appear in searches on the platform. As an example, I invite you to the group POSICIONÁNDOTE By Webescuela. which is public and where you can learn from the content that different. Professionals and supporters of Digital Marketing and Online Business share daily.