In Kazakhstan, marketing is at the stage of development. In addition to Russian social networks, the audience actively uses TikTok. Kazakhs watch and trust television more than in Ukraine. There are still not enough local influencers, but the direction has positive growth dynamics. Subscribe to hot Subscribe to monthly NEWS DIGEST Enter your E-mail As for the site, it is important to make a version in Kazakh, which will increase the number of visitors. You should pay attention to SEO and link building in order to promote your site in search results. Denis: It is important to localize the site in the Kazakh language and pay attention to SEO optimization. In addition,

The site should be promoted

Build a link structure, and increase search results. Choose a CRM system that meets your needs and has the ability to integrate with various platforms. This will help you maintain contact with clients, schedule meetings, calls, create reminders, etc. Mass mailings with your unique offer to general office email will not work if you work in the B2B niche. You need Cell Phone Number List to look for contacts and build relationships. How to enter the Kazakhstan market? Marketing Read also : How to advertise Ukrainian goods on the international market: practical tips for launching advertising in other countries Anna: Kazakhs perceive information differently. For example, TikTok is not a priority for our business. In Kazakhstan, due to its proximity to Asia,

Where TikTok is very popular

They quickly adopted the experience, so the social network holds the lead. The problem with influencers is the same as it was in Ukraine before the full-scale invasion – the presence of Russian representatives. There are few Kazakh opinion leaders or their Australia Phone Number List audience is predominantly Russian. At the same time, influencers as a marketing tool work great. Kazakhs  watch entertainment shows on YouTube. We do advertising on YouTube (pre-roll), which has shown positive results. If in Ukraine there are many influencers from different fields (travel, restaurants, gamers, etc.), then in Kazakhstan it is mainly lifestyle. We planned to launch digital advertising (banners in search engines), but are on pause for now. In Kazakhstan they use Yandex ( Russian search engine – editor’s note ), which we do not work with, so we have refused for now. TV and media are also consumed.