Just like on Facebook, the most important thing on Instagram is to think about the content first. What interests your target groups?

Since Instagram is a Visual Channel. The Images Must Be in Order and Visually Successful. Especially in Cases Where a Product is Being Marketed. on Instagram. Success is Achieved by Putting Content First and Precise Targeting. – Images Must Not Be Pushy Advertisements or One-way Communication.

Start Planning Your Posts by Looking at Your Company’s Brand Look.what Colors, Fonts and Other Elements Could. You Use on Your Instagram Account?

Could a certain image be repeated at certain intervals? What filters are used? How do the images look in the follower’s news feed?

Increase visibility with an Instagram ad

On Instagram, you can either promote a post you’ve already made or make an ad in Facebook’s Business Manager that doesn’t appear on your own profile. Ads Australia Phone Number List can be managed either with Instagram’s own advertising tool or with Facebook’s advertising management tool. Although the same ad can easily be displayed on both Facebook and Instagram, it is worth editing your own exact version of it for both channels.


An Instagram ad can be defined to appear in the news feed, i.e. as a “normal” publication or as a story, i.e. a story. The contents of Feed and Story should be planned separately. At the moment, you can’t add a clickable link to Instagram posts, but this is possible in an ad.

Instagram marketing – planning to glory!

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Some-marketing is no longer something of the margin and only the pursuit of young customers. Both organic publications and paid advertising should be planned and budgeted seriously, just like the rest of the company’s marketing. The basis of doing things must be in the company’s strategy.

You should monitor the effectiveness and functionality Phone Number IR of Instagram ads at regular intervals and learn from your previous mistakes and successes. You can get results with long-term work!