Influencer marketing is a phenomenon and word that is more and more on the surface all the time, but what does it mean? I coverd the topic in a blog post about product marketing a couple of weeks ago , and now it’s time to delve into this growing area of ​​marketing in more detail.

Who are the influencers? What kind of company can do influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is suitable for consumer brands and especially for companies targeting young consumers who are active on social mdia. Influencer marketing can be done, for example, as a collaboration on social mdia channels. In this case, the social mdia influencer brings out the brand’s products or services in their social media Costa Rica Phone Number List posts (for example on YouTube, Instagram or their blog) for a fee. For example, a workout blogger or Instagrammer can collaborate with a sportswear brand of their own style. With the help of influencer marketing, you can naturally do short or long collaborations. It can be either a one-off, or alternatively, a collaboration lasting even years.

What should be considerd in influencer marketing

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It is particularly important to find out what kind of consumers the potential influencer’s follower group consists of. Are they the brand’s target group? It is absolutely pointless to reach up to 100,000 consumers at the same time, if they are not the target Phone Number IR group. In addition, the influencer must be really interestd in the brand and fit the company’s image, and he must know how to produce quality content. Of course, a sufficient number of followers is also essential, as well as the fact that the Followers are committd.