In this post, I will help you grow your future pool of potential customers, i.e. your community. #itsestånsselvyys If you don’t have customers, who were you thinking of selling your course to? I hope you don’t think like this: ” My course sells itself. I do it, I run the Facebook ads and it automatically takes care of the job .” It doesn’t work. Believe it or not. I’ve tried and hit my head against the wall once or twice. In reality, nothing can be left to chance.  exactly the one that many coaches and “gurus” don’t talk about. So now you shut the fuck up because I’m going to speak my mind.

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How do you grow your customer base for future online course sales? If you just joined and you are interested special data in making your own online course, read these posts first and then come back to this post: 7 things you need to know before taking an online course Making an online course: This is how you plan and make your first online course What is a good online course? Experiences with course platforms after 7 years of digital entrepreneurship How do you do your first online course? 1. Advance preparation and “preparation” of the customer base  says, “Now this course is finally ready for purchase, please purchase here!” even if you have no idea who sent the message and how they got your email address? Don’t worry, so are many others.

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This is a classic example of how to NOT sell online courses. If you keep quiet for six months and the first email is direct sales, maybe 0.01% of readers will buy. That’s why it’s really important to give readers content that adds value before the actual sale. At best, this goes so that you don’t even sell ; you only offer a solution to a problem and a challenge that your Phone Number IR  customer is aware of. I always recommend that preliminary preparations start well in advance of the sale. At least 4 weeks should be used for this. The bigger the sale you want to make, the longer the time you should spend on preparation. 12 weeks goes surprisingly fast when you are planning a big launch. 2. Growing your customer base: Take advantage of these strategies Growing your customer base means getting readers on your email list.