If you want to add In this example the leads have the wrong title. The initial search was looking for Growth Marketers. LinkedIn Sales Navigator Tutorial 2023 Tips for Better Sales Prospecting GameChanger Export Sales Navigator leads for free If you want to know how to reduce the number of falsepositives in your sales navigator searches you can our complete sales navigator tutorial. What Data Can I Export From Sales Navigator 4 data points you can export from.

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Linkedin Profiles Data Linkedin Denmark Cell Phone Number List Company. Pages Data Emails Phone Numbers 1. Linkedin Profiles Data When Evaboot extract lead lists from sales Navigator it exports a ton of lead information. The more info you get the more your linkedin outreach strategy will be efficient. linkedin sales navigator profile extraction Every time you export lists with Evaboot you get you the Profile URL Job title Job description First name Last name Headline Location Profile pictures URL Years in position Number of linkedin connections If the prospect is Open Profile If the prospect is a Premium Member If the prospect is Open.

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All this data to build a complete profile  of Spain WhatsApp Number List your leads in your CRM or use it for your cold email or Linkedin prospecting campaigns. 2. Linkedin Company Pages Data Unlike make scraping tools Evaboot does not only extract the linkedin profile information. For all the leads we all also export all the data available on their company page. sales navigator company page extraction This includes Website LinkedIn URL Employee range Exact number of employees on Linkedin Industry Size Location Type Creation date Description Specialities 3. Emails emails to your Sales Navigator export simply click on Find Emails on Evaboot.