How to export contacts Aplicant simply check the checkbox “Featur Applicant” at the bottom of the job application page and your application will automatically be display in a highlight row at the top of the list. A really useful feature to stand out into competitive job offers. . Competition insights Linkin Premium Career allows you to see how you stack up against other applicants or a company’s current employees, bas on your LinkIn profile. job insights linkin premium career With this feature, you can compare your ucation.

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Applicants to evaluate your chances of getting hir You seo expate bd can use this information to prepare your speech and answer the question: “why you vs. Your competition . Salary insight Premium Career allow it subscribers to filter jobs by salary and have immiate access to detail. Salary information on jobs they are interest in. salary feature linkin premium career This data brings transparency to the job seeking process and will help you make better inform career decisions. That way, you don’t lose time applying to jobs that don’t meet your salary expectations.

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Feature is only available in the USA, Canada, UK, and Australia. Is Linkin Premium Worth it for Recruiting. Linkin Recruiter Lite isn’t worth it for recruiters. Inkin Phone Number IR Sales Navigator can do the same job but better. Linkin Recruiter is worth it for recruiter as it offers more feature, but it is way pricier : $   month. . Linkin Recruiter Lite No. Linkin Recruiter Lite isn’t worth it. Sale Navigator does the job better and for less money. Recruiter Lite costs $   month and offer less filters than Sales Navigator, which costs $   month. linkin recruiter filters vs sales navigator x Both tools give you. Access to the whole Linkin database, but Sales Navigator is more efficient to build candidates lists.