Riiiiing, riiiiing… Acho, sorry man, but I think you’re going to kill me when you read my last post… If you don’t have time or don’t want to, tell me and I’ll delete it, okay? It’s just that sometimes I act brave… – Nah! Don’t worry dude*/%/%$%(&/»/= !!! I’ll do it for you… Hahaha. It may seem a bit exaggerated but something like this happened when I spoke with my friend Nando , who I’m sure you know, about the public challenge I threw at him in my last post where I talked about How to sign contracts online legally using Signaturit . The challenge? Well, let me verify if what I say is true… hehehehe. Totally, if he is nicer… Look, I only needed him to make a few paragraphs about nothing and in the end he made an entire post.

The digital lawyer shows his opinion on the online signing of contracts

Picking up the glove that hit my cheek in that vile way and was thrown by Víctor Campuzano through his blog and using Twitter as a “social media” accomplice (read with an ironic and more than affectionate tone), here you have me trying industry email list to give my legal opinion on the issue at hand. I will also try to exemplify my reasoning with Signaturit , the trust service that Víctor refers to in his post. I have to differ on a couple of things with my good friend Victor : a) We cannot accept something as good, neither from a legal point of view, nor from any other perspective, simply because its use is widespread. Perhaps it will help us to consider why everyone uses a certain service, but not as the final justification. Because indeed, they could all be doing it wrong, don’t you think?

Validity and effectiveness of contracts concluded electronically:

This rule gives full validity and effectiveness to contracts entered into electronically. When it states that if these types of contracts meet all the necessary requirements for their validity (consent, object and cause), they will produce all Phone Number IR the effects provided for by the legal system. The issue of.  Proving the execution of a contract electronically does not vary much with respect to the proof of execution of a contract issued on paper with a handwritten signature , since it is governed.  By the same rules. Electronic signature tools that. ike Signaturit, guarantee that it is a unique signature linked to specific data, in addition to offering the.  Possibility of detecting subsequent changes, meet the same requirements as a handwritten agreement.