How are marketing and advertising defined?

Do you use the words marketing and advertising in connection with the same thing?. Marketing is a much broader concept than many people realize, and advertising is only a small part of the bigger picture. How are marketing and advertising defined?

Marketing and advertising – meanings in a knot?

For many, marketing only means placing ads on TV, radio, magazines or any other channel, and marketing is done in the form of a campaign every now and then. Then marketing and advertising have become confused: the above refers to advertising.


Marketing is part of the entire product life cycle: it is therefore not just about communicating and advertising the product or service. Marketing includes, for example, anticipating customer needs, surveying demand and satisfying the market. In addition, the term covers, for example, the design phase, packaging and distribution channel Iran Phone Number Lis planning. Much more can fit under the shadow of marketing, and although communication and advertising are part of marketing, they are only small pieces in a big cart.

How are The most important thing to remember is that marketing refers to every contact point of the customer with the company. Consequently, every user experience and every encounter with a company representative, such as a salesperson or customer service representative, is also part of the company’s marketing. A successful company has considered every piece of its marketing and manages them according to its strategy.

So what is a marketing agency?

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In Everyday Language, However. Marketing Very Often Refers to Marketing Communications and Advertising – That is, to What Many Marketing Agencies Do and What Companies Buy as a Service for Themselves. of Course, a More Specific Definition Phone Number IR Would. Be an Advertising Agency or a Marketing Communications Agency for Man. How are These Titles Can Be Unnecessarily Restrictive. When We Also Remember That for Many Marketing Means the Areas of Communication and Advertising. The Concept of Marketing Office is Quite Appropriate.

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