Great way to use linkedin Simply send a message the day after the event asking for feedbacks. Message template Hello first name. Thanks for attending to our webinar I want to make sure. We delivered the value that was expected. Do you have some feedbacks on what you saw Best JB Event attendees love when people take time to take care about the experience. Think about the chef at the restaurant who comes to you to ask for feedbacks pleasant right.

Before an event Great way to use linkedin

If you are not the person organizing the Italy Phone Numbers List event you can still reach out to the attendees. The best strategy is to keep it simple Message template Hello first name I noticed that you were also going to participate to event name next week. What are you expecting from this event Best JB Note that is a great way to steal your competitors audiences on linkedin. I made a complete video on this topic if youre interested Steal Your Competitors Audience on Linkedin 3 Hacks for 2023 3. After an event Reaching out to event attendees after the event is even easierSame thing.

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You just need to ask for

Feedbacks Message template Hello first name Italy WhatsApp Number List Im trying to collect feedback on the webinar webinarname. Did you attend to it Interested in your thoughts Best JB Its important to ensure they attended to it because a lot of people click on the Attend button but never show up. This is a great way to contact people that have potentially been disappointed by your competitors. And if they love your competitors you will know why and that. Will help you improve your sales and marketing efforts. These 3 techniques are a events to contact your target audience without sending pushy sales messages.