How to get quality backlinks or external links without making Google Penguin angry. External links or backlinks are a very important factor in web positioning and that we must always take into account. In addition, but when we start with a website or blog we should not obsess about getting many backlinks but rather it is preferable to get few and good links, or whatever. We also know how to get quality external links. In this article I will tell you what are the best strategies to get quality backlinks and what are the contents with which you will get dozens and even hundreds of links.

Replicating links to your competition

It is the simplest and most effective strategy to get quality links. After that, and it consists of analyzing which are the best links of our competitors and replicating these links, it’s that easy. To get these backlinks you can use different strategies, but the most effective is to publish an article as a guest blogger. In addition, because proposing an exchange top people data of links usually turns out badly if we do not previously have a friendly relationship with the other party. Analyze with ahrefs the most authoritative links that you want to replicate and get to work.

Creating a professional course

Creating a professional course. A few weeks ago I created the course+mentoring “How to achieve your goals with a Blog”. Therefore, and one of the strategies that I have used to publicize. After that, the course is to create an affiliate network with other bloggers. After that, and some of these Phone Number IR bloggers decide to publish an article about. In addition, the course or related to the course where it is mentioned. After that, with which we are obtaining quality links through this great dissemination initiative.