Finds professional verified email That is designd to automate and streamline the process of finding verified professional email addresses. It is particularly useful for sales and marketing professionals who need to reach out to potential clients or partners. findymail texau alternatives for linkedin Findymail uses a proprietary algorithm to automatically export leads from platforms like Sales Navigator and Apollo enrich them with accurate B2B emails and clean your lists in seconds.

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Linkedin Sales Navigator Scraping Bulgaria Mobile Number List Email Finder Email Verifier Data Cleaning Pricing 1000 emails month 49 5000 emails month 99 20000 emails month 249 findymail pricing See Findymail Alternatives Wiza Wiza is a sales prospecting and engagement platform that specializes in extracting verified email addresses and phone numbers from LinkedIn. wiza texau alternatives for linkedin It offers a Chrome extension for bulk exporting prospect lists from LinkedIn ensuring realtime verification of contact data. Features LinkedIn Data Export Bulk export of LinkedIn search results. Realtime Email Verification Ensures accuracy and deliverability.

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Data extraction directly from Italy Email List LinkedIn. Pricing Essential Plan 50month for 300 credits. Pro Plan 150month for 1000 credits. Elite Plan 300month for 2500 credits. Unlimited Plan 500month for unlimited credits. wiza pricing See Wiza Alternatives Scrupp Scrupp is a LinkedIn and Sales Navigator scraping tool designed for efficient lead extraction and email finding. It offers oneclick export of leads from Sales Navigator ensuring clean lists suitable for email campaigns and CRM integration. scrupp texau alternatives for linkedin The tool is celebrated for its speed ability to scrape locked profiles and unlimited pages scraping capability. Features Lead Extraction From LinkedIn and Sales Navigator. Email Finder addresses. Unlimited Scraping No limit on the number of pages for scraping.