Facebook sweepstakes rules Contests are really popular on Facebook and can be usd to arouse interest in a company or product. However, Facebook Has Its Own Rules and You Have to Be Careful With Them. Because in the Worst Case, if You Break the Rules. Facebook Will Delete Your Page Without Asking Anything. It is Also Good to Note the Difference Between a Competition and a Raffle: Although in Colloquial Language. One Often Talks About Facebook Competitions, It is Mostly a Raffle, as the Prize is Drawn Among All Participants. in Terms of Taxation, These Are Two Different Things. So in This Article We Are Talking About the Lottery, and When It is a Lottery.the Organizer of the Lottery is Also Responsible for  Taxes.

The rules change from time to time

Facebook changes the raffle rules from time to time and the latest rules can be found on the Page Guidelines page . The last time the rules change Estonia Phone Number List was on March 8, 2018 (*), and so far it is not known because the following changes are coming.

What is prohibits?

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Facebook prohibits certain things in its rules. Currently, the condition of the competition must not be sharing or tagging friends in the draw. That is, the so-calld “like and share” contests are prohibits, as are the following contest terms:

  • Share this post to enter the draw
  • Share the post on your friend’s wall to enter the draw
  • Tag your friend in the competition to enter the draw

As long as you remember these, you can’t go wrong!

So what can you do?

You can easily organize a raffle, in which you can Phone Number IR participate by liking the competition or commenting on it. You can ask the audience to do the following to enter the competition: