In the first post in this series on digital accessibility. We touche upon the “whats and whys” of accessibility for marketers. Now it’s time for the “hows.” note that we have intentionally limite our recommendations to those elements that are quite easy to implement and are relevant for marketers. This series is by no means a comprehensive list of all standards that businesses nee to be aware of when it comes to accessible content. If you’re looking to learn about the nitty-gritty of accessibility guidelines and wcag criteria.

That’s a customer you’ve lost forever

That’s a customer you’ve lost forever. Second. Many people with disabilities are unfortunately accustome to encountering challenges when doing things other people take for grante. They generally expect them. As so much of the world was not create with their particular disabilities in mind. On average. Minor accessibility concerns on tangential content are not likely to frustrate them to the point of initiating legal action. campaign new data performance whether it’s increasing brand awareness. Generating leads or boosting sales. Working with an online content creator means your brand can benefit from their creativity and authenticity. Influencers are creative individuals with a skill for making content that their audience will love. And their voices can be valuable to your brand. It can also allow you to gain traction on platforms where you may not yet have a presence; creators on tiktok for example are experts at making promotional content that fits in seamlessly with their organic content and entertains their audience. But influencer marketing can be tricky.

They are unable to do the one thing they came to accomplish on your website

But if they are unable to do the one thing they came to accomplish on your website. You open yourself up to a big ol’ can of legal risk. Especially if you are a us-base brand. Testing your critical user paths so. How do you test your critical user flows for accessibility? influencer Phone Number IR but recently adde a feature to track instagram stories. Download our influencer tracker tool to create and manage a list of relevant influencers and check out what tools you should use in your digital marketing. Looking to create successful influencer campaigns? When we think of influencers. We naturally think of social meia. So. It’s important to understand how to leverage social networks in your campaigns to meet business goals.