In recent times, marketing has only been seen as product-focused communication, with the product’s features in the center. “We have a great product, let’s talk about it, and customers will rush to buy!” Fortunately, we have come a long way since those times, and the importance of customer orientation in marketing is increasingly understood. You can still tell about that great product, but taking into account who is in the buyer’s mind and what things he values. 

What does customer-oriented marketing mean?

With customer-oriented marketing, the right things that interest them are market to the right target groups. The customer and his needs are at the center. Customer-oriented USA Phone Number List marketing strives to genuinely help the customer at different stages of his purchase path. What does the customer value? What factors influence his purchase decision? What matters does he need information to support his decision-making? Why would he buy from us? Providing the customer with information and other (even fun!) content is to serve him on the purchase path.

Customer-oriented marketing therefore does not just tell about the objectively best features of the product, but rather thinks about how the product can practically help the customer, and brings these issues to the fore.

Customer understanding helps when you want to do things more and more customer-oriented

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So how do you know who the customers are and what kind of content they value at different stages of the purchase path? This is where customer understanding helps.

Buyer personas are an important thing in customer-oriented Phone Number IR marketing. When the Buyer Personas Are Precisely Define. It is Easy to Keep in Mind in Everything You Do. For Whom the Contents and Marketing Are Addition to Buyer Personas. The Organization Must Understand. The Purchase Paths of Different Customers. In Order to Create Successful and Appropriate Content for Each. Stage of the Purchase Path.