Analyzing the word ” care “, we immediately understand that we are talking. About a concept linked to “taking care”. Yes, but of what? Of its customers ( customers )! Your customers always need you: not. Only when it is strictly necessary as in the case of customer service. But throughout their entire customer journey . At the time of purchase, the customer increasingly presents himself as an empowered buyer , i.e. a B2C or B2B consumer who has a considerable amount of information. On his side that helps him make informed and conscious choices. This is precisely because he was able to inform himself first at his own pace and in the ways he preferred.

The objectives of customer care

Today every company lives in a highly Albania Phone Number List competitive context where the product. Alone can hardly be the only reason for choice. In such a difficult market, the difference is often made by the relationship, the relationship that a company manages to build with its customers. The objectives of customer care are mostly linked to the relationship between company and customer: increased customer loyalty; increased customer satisfaction. But there is an even broader objective behind it, which is to increase customer retention , i.e. the ability a company has to retain its customers over time.

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Customer care tools

What are the most effective customer China WhatsApp Number List care tools? In a multi-channel context characterized by digital, the on- and off-line touchpoints to be foreseen and the characteristics that a customer care service must have are different: Social caring on social media: Consumers also use social media to find information about products and services. Here users look for real time information, direct contact with the brand or opinions and comments from other users.