This reputation directly influences consumers’ purchasing decisions and can determine. The success or failure of a company in the market. Therefore every company should dedicate time and energy to its construction and management. The importance of brand reputation is reflected in the ability to attract new customers. Retain existing ones and differentiate oneself from competitors . A positive reputation can act as added value, while a negative one can seriously undermine public trust. In the age of social networks and online reviews, transparency and authenticity have become keys to building and maintaining a good corporate reputation.

Brand reputation: definition and meaning

Brand reputation represents the set of perceptions, opinions Canada Phone Number List and judgments that the public has towards a brand. It goes beyond the simple recognition of a logo or company name, rather, it is the emotional and conceptual reputation. That a brand manages to instill in the minds of consumers. The definition of Brand Reputation therefore includes the global evaluation of trust, credibility and quality associated with a specific brand . The meaning of brand reputation is crucial in the current commercial landscape, where purchasing decisions are strongly influenced by consumer perceptions. A positive reputation can result in greater customer loyalty, positive recommendations and continued success in the marketplace. Conversely, a negative reputation can cause lost customers.

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What affects corporate reputation?

Corporate reputation is a complex construct Estonia Phone Number List influenced by a series of interconnected factors that go beyond the mere appearance of the product or service offered. First of all, product quality is a fundamental pillar for a company’s reputation. Consumers are increasingly demanding and quality-conscious, and a reliable, high-quality product goes a long way in building a positive reputation. Customer relationship management is equally crucial. How a company interacts with its customers, responds to their needs and handles issues can have a significant impact on reputation.