More and more B2B and B2C companies are using content marketing to attract new customers. Online, as well as to increase brand awareness. Engagement and enhance their reputation. But what is content marketing really for? Why is it so important to create content marketing strategies? What are the steps needed to start doing it well? We will talk about this and much more in today’s article. Offering you a complete guide to create an effective lead generation strategy based on valuable content.

What is content marketing: definition

If we take into consideration the definition Austria Phone Number List of the Content Marketing Institute we can immediately understand what Content Marketing is: “ A marketing technique aimed at creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire and engage a clear and defined target audience with the aim of driving customers towards a profitable action ”. There must be a reason why B2C and B2B companies use it and it has been confirmed over the years that this tool is one of the most effective solutions for increasing brand awareness and reputation , creating engagement with customers, generating leads and increasing sales .

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Why a content marketing strategy is important

You have at least 7 good reasons to rely on Indonesia WhatsApp Number List content marketing : Why it works: it is able to intercept the public’s need for information, allowing the brand to establish a relationship with buyers. You can achieve long-term results regarding brand awareness and lead generation. Content seeks people: unfortunately 71% of companies still use their web page as the main marketing channel, just under half use digital advertising and social media. These companies don’t know that potential customers are elsewhere: 22% of consumers are on social media.