A specific case of the. Therefore, importance of UTM is when advertisements are made on Facebook Ads and organic posts are published on the same social network. If you do not. Therefore, generate a UTM for each campaign, Google Analytics will record all visits as social traffic, without differentiating between organic and paid traffic . Thanks to the use of UTMs, you have the possibility to distinguish between both types of traffic and precisely analyze the performance of each of the campaigns on social networks .


Advertising and Marketing

added to other analytics. Therefore, systems, allows you to obtain valuable information that you can use to optimize executive email list your digital strategy and improve your results. Know which channel your users come from By. Therefore, using UTM in your marketing campaigns, you can know from which channel or medium users come to your website. That is, you will be able to know if they come from Instagram, Facebook or another place, as well as if they arrived through a keyword entered in the search engine.


Public Relations

This is essential to know which of your campaigns is generating the. Therefore, most traffic and conversions , and to adjust your Phone Number IR marketing strategy accordingly. The UTM codes in each campaign allow you to obtain valuable information to make better decisions that are. Therefore, effective in your digital strategy.