Do you know your customers? Do you know what kind of things they value and what aspects influence their purchasing decisions? A deep understanding of the buyer’s habits and life situation is critical in terms of content creation, product development, sales tracking, and really everything related to customer acquisition and retention. It’s not enough to create top-notch content if it doesn’t reach your target group in the right way.

What are buyer personas?

You may have come across Kimmo the Accountant or Minna the Marketing Manager. However, buyer personas are much more than catchy names – they are fictitious generalizations of your company’s ideal customers. With the help of buyer personas, the purpose is to internalize your target group deeper than the surface and learn to understand what your France Phone Number List ideal customer thinks, considers, hopes, plans or expects, as well as what kind of challenges he faces in his everyday life. Through a deep understanding, you get the necessary information about where your target buyers seek information, what is genuinely interesting in their life situation and what kind of things appeal to them.

Examining things from the customer’s point of view is important

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Necause the flood of information and content is huge today. And it is therefore increasingly difficult to arouse the customer’s interest. Through buyer personas, you get to understand who your customers are. in which case the timely targeting of marketing Phone Number IR and reaching target groups is significantly more effective than content or marketing campaigns made with a mutu feel. The more you delve into your customers’ lives. values ​​and everyday challenges. The better tools you will get for planning customer-oriented communication and marketing.