Processes and routines The global scenario of Digital Transformation the countries that invest the most in digital. Mobility and this just shows us how much we have to improve and how much your company will come out ahead once you take the first step . European Union countries invest around . % of their GDP in Research and Development R&D . However leading the ranking are South Korea and. Israel with an investment of. Could this be the way for Brazil to get out of the crisis that has haunted us since. Data on Digital Transformation in Brazil.

Through a study carried out

The multinational Accenture it was found that the digital economy generated . % of the Brazilian GDP in . In the Ministry of Science Technology. Innovations Phone Number List and Communications launched the Strategy for. E digital which is nothing more than a program that aims to encourage the use of new technologies in various sectors of our economy. Therefore we realize that the Digital Transformation of Brazilian companies is still taking short steps representing an. Excellent opportunity to get ahead of the competition.

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While some CEOs don’t even think

About it other leaders despite being aware of the urgency of implementing a digital journey in the company leave this issue aside for fear of the risk and lack of knowledge in the area. According to research by the company Capgemini only % of retail companies in Brazil have in addition to knowledge of what Digital Transformation is a plan of Whatsapp Number measures that must be taken towards success. Despite the digital maturity of major players such as retailer Magazine Luiza which has a shopping app in its virtual store and one of the largest national marketplaces the majority of small business owners still do not seek digital mobility to stand out from the competition or even have a responsive version for their websites.