The creation of a brand identity is a fundamental step that cannot be renounced to gain the trust of your audience, stand out and emerge with credibility on the reference market. Whether you own a company, clothing brand or a start-up, know that the creation of a brand identity is an essential element for structuring a coherent communication strategy and supporting a success-oriented brand strategy. Today in this article we will see why brand identity is so important, what the essential elements are and how to create it.

Why is brand identity so important?

To tell the brand through its products Bahamas Phone Number List and stories, defining a company’s visual identity is crucial. It allows us to empathically connect with the public and its needs. Creating a brand identity has several advantages including the possibility of defining the contents in a practical way on each touchpoint. But not only: Speed ​​up the photo editing process; Acquires greater visual and communicative coherence between digital and offline; Helps you define a clear Tone of Voice ; Increase your conversion rate. All this would be impossible without a clear and defined brand identity.

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Elements of a brand identity

In 1966, the American researcher Jean-Noël Kapferer , as an Japan WhatsApp Number List expert in strategic brand management. Defined the 6 elements of brand identity, designing a prism in which these are continuously related. Physical characteristics of the brand; Brand personality. Corporate culture and values; identification with the brand or self image. Definition of the target or reflection; Public relations. Consistency, impact and uniqueness are the elements that a brand designer must express to create a successful brand identity. All of this, standing out with a unique, coordinated and unmistakable style.