Advertising is increasingly lavish in campaigns that promote inclusion and place communities usually ignored and ostracized in the spotlight. It is precisely in one of these communities that Samsung sets its sights in an inspiring campaign that gives voice to a group of indigenous Bolivian women, also known as “cholitas”, who have dared to break down stereotypes and conventions to form a “skateboarding” team: ImillaSkate.

Those who are part of such a unique group

Those who are part of such a unique category email list group. Therefore, most of them in their twenties. Admit the challenges that women face in their culture. Therefore, but that does not mean they renounce their indigenous roots. They all wear the characteristic skirts and hats of their ethnic group. The beautiful spot that constitutes the central axis of Samsung’s new campaign. Filmed as if it were a documentary by the production company Gorilla Pictures. Therefore, director Eric Machiela, shows the “cholitas” dressed in traditional indigenous dress and skating on the streets. Streets of the Bolivian city of Chochabamba

Signed by Edelman the campaign is part of "Voices of Galaxy"

The members of ImillaSkate talk about the Phone Number IR way young women are commonly perceived in their culture. Therefore, and equipped with Samsung Galaxy A53 smartphones. Therefore, the young women value technology as a valuable tool to connect with other Bolivian women. Infect them with their passion for skateboarding. the campaign of “Voices of Galaxy. Branded content series that Samsung launched in 2020. That has focused on local stories from South Korea. Therefore, the United States, Tonga and more countries. The latest from the South Korean brand is the first campaign in this series especially focused on the Latin American region.