Before starting, we think it is interesting to know where the famous Black Friday comes from. Although there are several theories, it seems that the one that has the most force is the one related to Philadelphia in the mid-1950s . The city collapsed due to the large number of people who went to do their Christmas shopping. And watch an American football game between the army and navy. This union of acts caused a large part of the law enforcement forces to have to work long days to control the crowd, sentencing that day as “Black Friday.” Therefore,  Observing the success achieved, Philadelphia merchants continued to make sales on those dates and thus what we all know today as Black Friday began to take hold.

Black Friday is now a whole week

However, For businesses, Black Friday is a great opportunity to avoid plummeting their sales just before Christmas . It is normal that when a massive shopping period comes. Such as the Christmas holidays, just before a decrease in purchases is noticed for various executive data reasons. Prior savings, searching for the perfect product or gift or not exceeding the possible deadline for exchanges or returns. That most stores have. For consumers, it is a perfect time to get some products that we need or want at much cheaper prices than the rest of the year. Therefore, it can be said that this phenomenon has triumphed because there is a general interest. I Western world for this sales campaign to be repeated on the last Friday of November . In our store we have been celebrating this event since 2015.

And what happens the following Monday?

In addition, At that time we remember that few e-commerce celebrated it and, in fact. The duration was in many cases only the last. Friday of November, that is, the day of Black Friday as such. Even increasing the duration of the discounts from a single day to Phone Number IR the entire weekend. (from Friday to Sunday). In addition, Black Friday is now a whole week Currently, there are many businesses that dedicate the entire week to this event. Which has given way to the appearance of the new concept called Black Week . There are even some who do not have enough time for one week at the beginning of November to take advantage of this campaign to promote other products.