Let’s start with the numbers. According to the latest statistics, 85% of consumers believe that UGC is more influential than brand content . 60 % of people say UGC is the most authentic type of content (compared to just 20% for brand-generated content). That’s not to say they’re easy to make! 79 % of consumers say UGC impacts their purchasing decisions. While only 13% believe branded content has the same impact. Even less impactful is the content created by influencers at 8%. These numbers demonstrate how important it is to incorporate authentic content, i.e. content. Created by real people rather than influencers or advertising agencies.

User-generated content scales well and is scalable

UGC is incredibly scalable. It helps extend El-Salvador Phone Number List the reach of your brand by leveraging it across various social media platforms and amplifying your message through user sharing and thus, higher engagement. This encourages organic reach , which is a much more cost-effective way to promote your content than paid advertising. Additionally, user-generated content can also be repurposed and used in newsletters, printed materials, and on your website.

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They create and strengthen the community

A great way to engage and connect with your India Telegram Number users and build a community in the process. You can learn more about them and their interests, pain points and desires, which in turn can inspire new product features or marketing ideas that hadn’t occurred to you before. You can also ask UGC creators to help you promote your product and ask for advice on how to improve it. User-generated content ultimately makes people feel like they are part of a community and this builds brand loyalty in a way that is authentic and unlike anything else.