The crisis caused by COVID-19 is changing countless aspects of our lives. The most radical, and most obvious, change has been caused by confinements and movement limitations. Digitally, the coronavirus has changed our Internet usage habits (we buy more, consume more content , use more digital services,…), and as a consequence companies have had to adapt. This has accelerated its digital transformation exponentially . Some changes in habits are temporary.  But others will establish themselves as new standards. And my feeling is that we are going to see these changes more quickly in the professional context. 

The B2B sector prefers digital sales over in-person sales

For many years, companies have been looking for ways to reduce the economic and opportunity .  Costs of work trips (commercial, prospecting, etc.). With the different technological evolutions, and their consequent adoptions by users, we have seen how these trips have been reduced. But this trend was still resisted by the belief that certain things cannot be done industry email list through a video conference (I still believe this for certain topics). But global confinement arrived , and it turned out that travel was not possible. In this context .  Mckinsey conducted a worldwide study that, .  Among other things, concluded that .  Three out of four buyers and sellers prefer to do business remotely rather than in person

B2B customers make digital purchases for high amounts

Contrary to what we might think, digital commercial operations are closed for high amounts. 59% would close .  Trades above $50,000 and 50% would do so for more than $500,000 I would like to see this data by country, because my feeling is that it will vary quite a bit. But anyway, it is a fact that both Phone Number IR surprises and pleases me. I think we are breaking down barriers that, as .  I mentioned at the beginning, we have been trying to break down for some time. In addition to the consideration of negotiation costs and times .  I believe that the acceptance of the digital channel as the preferred channel expands our possibilities of doing business . In my case, and for the first time .