AWA Magnum’s the West African region, Ivory Coast in particular, is a veritable garden from the point of view of cocoa plantations. Some of the largest chocolate companies in the world obtain their cocoa beans there. However, in that region there is also growing green shoots an evil that should have been eradicated a long time ago: modern slavery. Putting an end to this scourge is precisely the objective of a new Magnum initiative .

198 women have already received advice and training

Magnum’s objective is to support top industry data initiatives aimed at women. Since investing in them is also a way of investing in their families and the communities to which they are attached. Since cocoa is only harvested for six months of the year due to its seasonality. Magnum believes it is vital to help cocoa farmers and their families find alternative sources of income in the low season. Thanks to the “Pleasure Imagined” initiative launched by Magnum in 2020. Already received training to establish their own businesses and, therefore, also generate additional income.

Magnum wants to provide economic and social support to 5,000 women

As if it were Phone Number IR a flesh-and-blood influencer. AWA has its own Instagram account. Where it provides news about Magnum’s new aid program (which also bears the name of AWA). The objective of this Magnum aid program is to provide economic and social support to 5,000 women cocoa producers over the next three years. To achieve this goal. The ice cream brand will work closely with non-governmental organizations. As an example of what its aid program can give. Magnum cites the case of the startup of fashion designer Rebecca Zoro. From a community dedicated to cocoa cultivation in the Ivory Coast.