Attend get access to Extract Step 3 Post Commenters. Outreach Here is an example of results Ive obtaind. With this tactic for a webinar promotion. Approximately 30 reply rate for the campaign. reach to competitors post commenters linkedin. Here is a template you can use Template for Post commenters and likers outreach. Hello Im reaching out because Ive seen your reaction to post of your competitor. Im doing a webinar. I wrote a white paper on the exact same thing next week.

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More content on the topic Best Armenia Mobile Number List JB. Its always better to propose a content and not directly your product or service. For the next technique we are going to use the exact same technique and tools but for linkedin event attendees. Reach Out to Competitors Event Attendees One of your competitors for a linkedin event. Great news hes probably spending money on ads sending prospecting message etc. The thing is you can steal the results of all this work as the. List of linkedin event attendees is public.

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Step 1 look for linkedin

Events Attending to a linkedin Australia WhatsApp Number List event is a great signal of interest in a topic. To find linkedin event Go to the linkedin search Write some keywords Use the event filters You are going to see a list of events filled with potential customers. find competitors linkedin events Step 2 extract linkedin event attendees To get access to the list of event attendees you must click on linkedin events attendees list Once you click on it the Networking tab will appear and will get access to the list of all event attendees. networkin tab linkedin events Once this is done you can go back to Phantombuster and look for the event attendees extractor. export competitor event guest into csv.