Examples of these attributes are the difference in price, age, and class.    Apart from that, the sequence diagram sent, along with the execution time. Objects related to the operation process are usually ordered from left to right. Well, this diagram consists of two dimensions , namely the vertical dimension which shows time and the horizontal dimension which shows objects. Each object, including actors, has an active time which is depicted in a vertical column called a lifeline .

have a relationship with one other entity

Examples include student data with NIM (Student Identification Number). One to many One to many means that one entity can have relationships with several entities, and vice versa. An example of this one to many implementation is a department and its students. Many to many Many to many means that every existing entity can have relationships with other ws database entities, and vice versa. An example of this relationship is students with data related to UKM (Student Activity Units). Line The final component is the line.

Sequence diagrams are related

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on how to make an ER diagram, you know. Do you want to know how to make an ER diagram? Wait and look forward to the next article. Things that must be masteredYou must have heard the term sequence diagram . Sequence Phone Number IR diagrams are one of several types of diagrams in the Unified Modeling Language (UML) .  And what is an example? OK, let’s follow some complete explanations below. What is a Sequence Diagram? A sequence diagram or sequence diagram.