After banging my head against the wall long enough, I realized that using these means is like still having a boss who dictates what I have to do. You are thinking about your blog in the wrong way – I did the same four years ago When I changed my thinking to where it is now, the pieces started to fall into place little by little. I started to understand the importance of increasing the number of blog readers in terms of generating income. I started to understand that  readers on an email list. And I realized that in order to get better at blogging, I need to start thinking of my blog as the foundation of my entire business, the rock on which I build. Think of a blog as a tool, an aid, with which you can increase the number of readers and a possible customer base.

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Think of your blog as the most important part of your brand. Think of it as a meeting place where readers, customers and you can have a good time. And if you want new database to monetize your blog, you need to do more than just write blog posts. For me, that “more” is writing e-books and building online courses. I believe that everyone has something unique to offer. Everyone is an experience expert in their own way. And that’s why, in my opinion, bloggers and entrepreneurs are great at writing e-books and building online courses around their own experiences. How should the online course be priced? For making online courses / e-books | 0 Comments | Tibia Continent This can also be shared… like HBO’s theme songs 249 SHARES Facebook 249  should the online course be priced? | If you are not Jiri Parantainen, you will struggle with the pricing of your online course.

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 The good news is that you can buy (or borrow from the library) all of Jiri’s books and become as good a rater as Jiri . Before that, I’ll give you my personal tips for online course pricing. In addition to Jiri, I’ve received tips from Timo of the Coaching Academy, Unhelmet Onnellisuuden and Lauri from The Next Level, Bloggaaja Ammattilaikai™ course participants and Titin Laine. #thank you #thank you #thank you Pricing your Phone Number IR  online course or e-book is one of the most important decisions you will make. I’ve heard it said that it’s easier to get 10 people to buy a €500 course than to get 100 people to buy a €50 course.