Advertising on, TikTok Ads is the new tool that allows us to design advertising campaigns on this video platform. Generating several groups of different ads with a specific budget and segmentation. Although it has its peculiarities, this advertising tool has many points similar to those of other social networks. For example if we want to better manage our investment. it allows us to manage budgets both at the campaign level and at the ad group level. Why advertise on TikTok Ads. She has created a great community with a very young audience . Although more and more users over 30 and 40 years old are joining. The success of the platform has made companies and professionals want to promote themselves here. And, therefore, now she has launched the opportunity to do commercials. In short, TikTok Ads offers us a great opportunity for those looking to advertise on social networks in a different and more creative way.

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Advertising on, The numbers of this new community surpass those of some of the most consolidated networks on the market. A Such as Twitter . And, furthermore, one of its main advantages is that at the moment. It is not as saturated with ads and publicity as Instagram email database or Facebook can be. As you read this guide on how to advertise on TikTok Ads. Which Sara Martín prepared for us for my blog. You will realize how it can help you and what type of ads can be made in this tool. But, first, I’m going to tell you some key points. TikTok offers creative options to showcase your product in ads. It has a very wide audience and even more so if your target is young people. You have very interesting segmentation possibilities . So, if you are thinking about creating your first ads.

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In this case they can be videos of up to 60 seconds with automatic playback music and a link . Users can interact with the ad in different ways. Taking the expected action, liking, sharing or commenting. It is very common to see mobile application download ads in the feed. Have you heard of any so far. There are some formats that will not appear on the TikTok Ads Manager Phone Number IR platform. Don’t be scared, if you want to carry out any of these campaigns you have to contact. The social network to configure it in detail and see the budget. How to create a TikTok Ads campaign step by step Creating ads on this platform is very simple. And even more so if you have already done it before on other social platforms such as Facebook. The platforms are very similar. But if this is not the case.