You have to actively create content for the Facebook page, but how do you get the Likers to activate, share their opinions or share ideas? Here are a couple of tips to help you get started in producing activating content:

Organize a competition

People love competitions and being able to win something for themselves. The prize doesn’t have to be anything very big or wonderful, even small prizes inspire people to participate. However, somehow connect the prize of the competition to your  company’s industry Bulgaria Phone Number List or products, so that the competition does not become an activity completely separate from the brand – i.e. a competition just for the sake of competition. Also, remember to check Facebook’s raffle rules before you set up the contest.

Ask for an opinion

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Ask questions that visitors can grasp and that will spark a conversation. Most of the time, visitors are happy to tell you what they think, so just think about the question and ask boldly – you can get completely new ideas and perspectives – ones that you wouldn’t have thought of at all!

Reaction buttons for use

Facebook currently has six different reaction buttons. These buttons are easy to use in Facebook publications. For example, ask visitors to choose  Phone Number IR their favorite from certain options and vote with a certain reaction button.

Ps Also remember to ask visitors who have liked the publications to also like your page!


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