Access a comprehensive contact It integrates with. Google Sheets to scrape LinkedIn profiles enriching data . With emails and other details in seconds. Derrick lix alternative Derrick offers an intuitive workflow seamlessly importing and enriching data from LinkedIn to Google Sheets. Features LinkedIn Integration Imports and enriches data from LinkedIn profiles. Google Sheets Compatibility Direct integration for data management. Data Enrichment Finds emails and other details from LinkedIn. Pricing Free Plan Offers basic features with 200 data enrichments per month.

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Additional features and higher data Canada Mobile Number List enrichments. derrick pricing Lyne offers AIpowered sales personalization focusing on creating personalized cold email introductions. They also provide a Linkedin and Sales Navigator scraper. lyne lix alternative It streamlines the process of generating unique engaging email content enhancing the efficiency of outbound email campaigns. Features AIPowered Personalization Generates unique email intros. LinkedIn Scraper Extracts leads from LinkedIn. Pricing 2000 credits month 39 5000 credits month 89 20000 credits month.

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See Lyne Alternatives GetProspect Canada Email List GetProspect is an email finding and verification tool tailored for sales marketing and recruitment professionals. It streamlines lead generation and outreach by providing tools for finding verifying and managing email contacts. getprospect lix alternative The platform integrates seamlessly with LinkedIn enhancing the efficiency of lead generation and email outreach strategies. Features Email Finder Easily find emails using names and LinkedIn profiles. Email Verification Verify the accuracy of email addresses. B2B Database database. LinkedIn Integration Extract leads directly from LinkedIn.