Counting the amount of sponge entering and leaving the patient before closing the incision. Remember Sully Sullenberger’s dramatic landing on the Hudson River in a commercial jetliner? As soon as he took over control of the aircraft from the co-pilot, the co-pilot immediately picked up the printed checklist and began reading the “engine out” procedures and then the ditching and evacuation procedures.

 Why are pilots famous for using checklists? Why do entire divisions of aircraft manufacturer Boeing do nothing but develop and fine-tune checklists for the planes they build? Unlike surgeons, pilots do not view being reminded to put the wheels down before landing as an insult to their intelligence.

One theory is that this legacy

Scared or injured pilots who welcome any assistance that can help them simplify and focus on a few key things without having to remember every detail they face and do everything in the right order and at the right time. I’m reminded of a scene in the great Apollo 13 movie when two astronauts executive email list have entered the lunar lander, which is still connected to the main module.

Played by Tom Hanks returns to the main cabin, he sees a piece of paper taped to a switch on the console. Written on the paper was a simple word: “No.” When Hanks asked what that was about, his colleague said, “Well, I’m a little pissed off, and I don’t want to cut it off while you two are still in the lunar lander.

What workflows and processes do you experience frequently?

Can it be simplified with a checklist? Which processes do you want to be able to delegate to others, as long as you are confident that they will complete the process exactly the way you want. A checklist can help you. What elements would you like to ensure your employees or contractors Phone Number IR never forget? Again, remember, simplicity is the goal.

When Sullenberger’s co-pilot on a highly complex jet looks over the engine shutdown procedure, he really has no more than five to nine things to think about. In what is already an emergency situation, any further details would be a waste of time.