Dabiz Muñoz, three Michelin star chef. Has created a banquet for HBO Max . On the occasion of the premiere of the acclaimed Game of Thrones prequel. The House of the Dragon . The chef celebrates the arrival of the Targaryens to Madrid with a wild menu. But fit for kings. The gastronomic meeting was organized by the agencies FCK and True. Dabiz Muñoz, named the in the world. Took diners to the Targaryen Red Keep. But the diners did not have to go to the medieval castle, but to the space on Stock Market Street in Madrid.

Named the best chef in the world in 2022

The dinner was held for three consecutive industry email list days in a space in the Letras neighborhood of Madrid. A total of 60 people including journalists. Therefore, artists and fans of the series who obtained reservations through a contest on social networks. Therefore, dabiz Muñoz and his DiverXo team created a unique experience for diners. Who enjoyed dishes from the world of The House of the Dragon, by candlelight and steaming dragon eggs. Therefore, the result is a dreamlike menu divided into three acts. Which evokes the intrigues of House Targaryen.

A Targaryen-style banquet

“Since I was little I have really liked Phone Number IR this theme, so creating a meal inspired by Game of Thrones, with the level of production and creativity that the series. Therefore, has been a challenge.” Muñoz, the best chef of 2022, added that: “we have designed a unique. Therefore, ground-breaking experience. Wildly creative, full of stimuli, imagination, with flavors and staging that will take the diner to the edge of the knife.” The design studio Andtonic developed the setting of the space. Therefore, the idea was that attendees would be part of the Targaryen family for a few hours