Marketing Automation in 2023

Marketing automation in 2023. Updates and emerging trends marco targa – 13 january 2022 marketing automation marketing automation continues to be a crucial strategy for companies that want to improve their marketing performance and optimize their conversion rate. A now consolidate practice for companies that want to increase their turnover by optimizing processes and aiming […]

Digitalization of business processes

Marketing automation digitalization of business processes. Crm and lead scoring for growth guido marabini – 18 january 2022 digitalization of business processes developing or expanding your business online. Taking advantage of the best digital marketing strategies . Today means implementing a radical digitalization of processes for a company . More concretely. It is necessary to […]

Automate and analyze tasks through a cutting-edge platform

This includes: the identification and prioritization of target people the definition of the big story ensure that the company really offers something that competitors cannot guarantee the mapping of prospects’ purchasing paths the alignment of investments/budgets with expect results creating a scorecard to track progress select and prioritize the right strategies with so many options […]